What to Do When You’re Hit and They Run?

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In Sacramento County, Hit and Run accidents accounted for 1015 collisions in 2019.  Here’s some critical advice: First, your uninsured motorist (UM) and collision coverages will cover a hit-and-run accident. Second, take pictures of the damage to your car where the other car hit yours. Physical contact between the fleeing vehicle and yours is required for your UM coverage to apply. Third, file a police report. If the police won’t come to the scene, then go to the local police (within city limits) or local CHP office (in unincorporated areas) and make a counter report about the incident. Four, notify your insurance immediately. I suggest doing it within a day of the collision or at least the next business day.  Lewis Injury, PC is ready to help with a free consultation by telephone (916-378-8878), video conference, or email at james@lewisinjury.com.

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Glad I hired James Lewis! “Maximum Payout in Short Amount of Time, I’m so grateful to have retained James Lewis, personal injury lawyer, after my car accident. I ran into multiple issues with an under-insured at fault driver, and Mr. Lewis handled everything...

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James was extremely hospitable, honest, and communicated with me every step of the way. "James helped me with an accident where I got rear-ended and my car was totaled. The other drivers insurance was extremely difficult to work with and non-responsive to say...

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Doubled The Recovery! “I Was Hit by a Hit and Run Drive, I was involved in a rather serious motor vehicle accident. I received medical visits and physical therapy. I also lost income. James Lewis, personal injury lawyer, worked on my case, and, after a binding...

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