Failure of jurors to report for duty prevents cases from reaching resolution.

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It has become a widespread problem.  The large majority of jurors ignore the summons to appear for jury service in several states, and this has crippled the civil justice system.  Only 1 in 5 jurors report for jury service in one Texas county.  In one Indiana county, 20% of those summoned by the court do not show up for service or even respond to the summons.  In all courthouses, criminal, family, probate and juvenile cases take precedence over civil matters.  Disputes over personal injury, constructive defect, contracts, real estate and similar matters were delayed already and it is getting worse.  Mediation, private arbitration and neutral evaluation are more critical than ever with court resources being stretched even further, and with jurors not meeting their civil duty.  Parties interested in timely resolution of their disputes must consider choosing a neutral who can help the parties avoid the delays implicit to our modern civil justice system.

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